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Looking for Video Conferencing?

We offer the best video conferencing capabilities deployable in Nigeria, ZOOM & VIDYO

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Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device


Online Meetings, Training & Technical Support


Build Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms


Marketing Events & Town Hall Meetings


Next generation enterprise phone system & Cross-Platform Messaging & File Sharing

vidyo conferencing

vidyo panorama

Immersive Telepresence.

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welcome to vidyo

See what our Vidyo relationship can do for you. Ask us for a demo today.

vidyo for telemedicine

Learn how to use Vidyo technology in a hospital, or any medical setting. Ask us for a demo today

vidyo virtual classroom

Use Vidyo technology on your college campus. Ask us for a demo today.

Vidyo For Finance

With Vidyo, your customers enjoy a lifelike and feature-rich experience with your experts, regardless of location – in a branch, in the comfort of their home, or even on the go. You can not only increase customer engagement, enhance customer service and strengthen loyalty, but also cost-effectively balance staff utilization across your entire organization.

Enterprise Cloud

Multipoint Video Conferencing. Connect mobile device, desktop and room system users everywhere, reliably, in your enterprise cloud. Scale video communications while reducing bandwidth usage and ease firewall traversal for seamless video communications with Vidyo

Vidyo For Education

Record lectures and securely distribute them. Vidyo makes it easy and affordable for primary schools, secondary schols, polytechnics, and universities to bring HD multipoint video conferencing to everyone who needs to communicate and collaborate on- and off-campus, without expensive network upgrades.

Vidyo for Field Services

What if your field services organization could bring subject matter experts to any remote location? With Vidyo they can. Whether using smart phones, smart glasses, ruggedized tablets, or remote controlled drones, field technicians can bring world-class expertise directly to the job site.

Vidyo for Healthcare

Medical professionals collaborate in real-time. Vidyo enables physicians and healthcare professionals to meet, consult and diagnose patients through HD-quality video conferencing. Healthcare workers can deliberate on everything from traditional clinical visits to specialized patient treatments to remote telemedicine services.


Immersive Telepresence. With VidyoPanorama we can deploy a personal telepresence experience complete with immersive interactions cheaper than the cost of traditional systems.


Desktop Video Conferencing We can transform your desktop and laptop PCs and Macs into a versatile on-demand HD video conferencing system. This eliminates the need for expensive proprietary solutions

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